VEC Champ. Delicious, ready-to-use mushrooms & delicatessen

In the heart of European mushroom cultivation, we process these edible fungi into ready-to-use products for wholesalers, industry, retail and catering. Time savings and convenience are key words for our customers. The highest possible quality is a key word of our own. This approach ensures an ever growing customer base.

We also produce a wide range of delicatessen, for example grilled and stuffed vegetables and mushrooms. We also supply several varieties of vegetables for bulk consumption, in buckets, glass jars and cans.

Welcome to VEC Champ.


A keen eye for quality

As processors of mushrooms, we depend upon the product we are delivered. We are fully aware of this fact. We therefore keep a close eye on our suppliers. We know about varieties and compost. About ‘sowing’ and harvesting. This has led to intensive collaborations with a select group of growers, who can supply us with the quality required, tailored to our high quality standards. Each one of them certified companies with whom we keep in close contact. And yet, we check every shipment. Because quality is paramount. Because it is our promise to all of our customers. And because it is the only guarantee for healthy growth.

State of the art technology and strict hygiene

In-house, we ensure quality by making use of state of the art technology and by closely monitoring hygiene. Production units are separate and we have large-capacity cold stores. We apply HACCP food safety norms in our manufacturing process. Last but not least, we have strict agreements with our regular carriers about fast delivery times.


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A selection of our range



Mushrooms available in various types of packaging and volumes.


gedroogde Tomaat

Delicatessen available in various volumes.


Vegetables available in various different types of packaging and different volumes.


 champignonMushrooms available in various sizes.


Discover our Biolaa® ready-to-use delicacies!

Stuffed and grilled mushrooms, olives in oil, (semi) dried tomatoes, grilled and stuffed vegetables, and all kinds of delicious cream cheeses. Taste our Biolaa® products and you will be convinced!


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VEC Champ is specialised in slicing and blanching of fresh mushrooms, then packaging them as semi-finished products in buckets. We are able to ensure our quality by using a state-of-the-art production line and by monitoring hygiene at the highest level.